One on One Driving is proud to be serving the Kingwood community and surrounding areas. We’re committed to providing the highest quality experience for private driving lessons.


One on One Driving

One on One Driving offers private in-car driving lessons to teens and adults in the Kingwood and surrounding areas. Our private lessons will be offered by Mr. P who is a well established member of the community. His experience includes 33 years as an educator as well as 9 years as a driving instructor in the Kingwood area.

It is our belief that the safety of our drivers and satisfaction of our clients are essential. With that in mind, our car is equipped with a passenger side instructor's brake and mirrors to allow for safer driving guidance.

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Business Hours

Information requests and messages will be returned during normal business hours.


Mon - Fri: 9:45 am - 7:30 pm

Driving times can be different than regular business hours.


(281) 770-7302

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